Why It Is Crucial To Do Yoga While Travelling

If there ever was a good time to do yoga in your busy daily life, it would be during your travels. Travelling would usually mean vacation and that means you have a lot of time to just treat yourself and unwind. And even if you are travelling because of business, you can still have the time to do some yoga in between all the meetings you have to get through. Besides, you might even need the yoga more if you really ARE travelling for business reasons.

Business-related travelling usually means plenty of meetings. There is actually more work than there is actual travel with this. That is like the perfect reason why you should definitely do some much-needed yoga.

If you need more reasons why you should do yoga while travelling then we would happily give you one and then some.

It gives relief and reduces stress

Yoga is known for helping people get rid of stress by way of breathing, stretching and just tapping into oneself. It is basically the one thing you need after a half-a-day of being stuck in a plane. Wouldn’t you want to spend the next few hours stretching all your limbs out? It’s the stark contrast of all the annoying stress of being in a plane all day.

Time and space

Yoga is the “Me time” of the decade. Sure, you have your phone where you can probably read or watch videos. Sure you may have those spas to go to when you want your alone time. And sure, you can just as simply go out drinking by yourself and maybe even smoke a stick or two, it all really depends on how you relax, but wouldn’t it be more healthy and productive to actually do yoga? You get to have your own alone time and the process of meditating and breathing is rather effective.


Sometimes it gets to us that time is moving too fast. We don’t notice that it is going by and we end up not really having a proper presence of mind because of how busy we are or how freaked out we could be regarding our lives. Yoga pauses time for us. It makes us remember that we are here. It lets us appreciate where we are and what we’re doing. All the emotions get turned into positive energy too.


Yes, yoga gives us a sense of balance. It isn’t really a surprise. What yoga does is make us stop and think. It allows us to stretch our muscles and let those breathe. It lets US breathe. Time pauses and it’s just you at the moment. You and your own thoughts, leaving you to think properly and make sound decisions while simultaneously helping your body relax in various positions. THAT is why people do yoga while travelling.