Is Staying In A Luxury Accommodation Worth The Splurge?

Most tourists may find staying in luxury hotels or resorts intimidating, with some finding it merely an unnecessary expense in their trip. To most people, this type of accommodation is only for those well-heeled folks who have so much money to spare that it’s the least of their problems.

You may be surprised to know that there are individuals in the middle class who prefer to stay in first-class accommodations. It’s not being wasteful with their financial resources. In fact, these are often frugal people who want to get the best value for their money and to them, staying in luxury accommodations is a good splurge, especially when you’re in Asia, and below are reasons they think so.

1. Expect The Best Of Service

Luxury hotels employ well-trained, courteous and highly qualified people who can provide you the best of service. You can expect this from high-class accommodations such as Thailand luxury resorts. When it comes to hiring staff, these resorts screen and handpick only the best of applicants, as it is essential that they can interact with guests with as much courtesy and patience as possible. The staff not only provides what is needed, they also anticipate the needs of their customers. At luxury accommodations, 24-hour room service is a typical amenity, which includes housekeeping and laundry services.

2. Freebies That Make You Feel Special

You’ll be served with welcome drinks and sweets upon your arrival; these will be waiting for you on a table in your room. You can also expect to have flowers in your room and sometimes, they leave you with gifts that are usually local items. Your room will also have everything you’d most likely need, such as slippers, robes, coffee machines, desks, minibars, towels, toiletries and TV.

3. Be In Gorgeous, Posh Rooms

Once you walk through the door, you’d be welcomed with an interior that screams posh, just as what you could expect from luxury hotels Bali vacationers are raving about. From the exterior down to the comfort rooms, you can’t expect anything less than the best, and that is just among the many. Luxury accommodations ensure that each corner of their place has a fancy design, giving you a feeling of walking into a place that is special and worth your money.

4. Having A Good Night’s Sleep

Comfortable beds, working temperature control and even blackout shades in luxury accommodations ensure that you get a good sleep be it at night or in the middle of the day without any disturbance.

5. Having A Secure Stay

Staying in luxury accommodations means that you will be well-guarded and you won’t even notice it. There are cameras and even special card access to rooms and to some hotels and resorts, even for elevator use. There is also a safe in every room for your important items. If you want convenience, peace and quiet, privacy and lots of space, check out the Byron Bay villa accommodation.

6. Great In-House Restaurants And Bars

There are bars and restaurants in luxury accommodations and you’ll be spoilt for choice on the different cuisines they serve. You won’t have to go far to grab some food when you can have a posh breakfast, lunch and dinner within the comfort of your beautiful hotel or resort.

7. Pool And Spa Facilities

The luxury accommodation you choose will most likely have an outdoor pool, indoor pool or a rooftop pool that provide a great view of the city. There will also be hot tubs. For the ultimate luxurious relaxation, the hotel or resort will also offer spa facilities such as steam rooms and sauna.

To ensure you get to have a fantastic experience during your Asian interlude, it is best that you book for a luxury accommodation as it comes with heaps of benefits. It will be money well spent.