7 Questions You Should Ask Golf Resorts You’ve Never Visited Before

Golf club memberships often come at a hefty price but it is often worth it as long as you pick the right club. Before you sign up for one, these are the 7 things you need to ask at the golf resort.

1. Is this a public or private golf course?

There are many benefits to both options; it all depends on what your needs are. Public courses are open to anyone and won’t require membership to set up a tournament. Public courses also tend to be more laid back which makes you feel at ease.

Private courses like Murray Downs Golf & Country Club on the other hand are as what their name implies, private, which means you get to play golf exclusively with other members. Ask about the requirements for being a member; some private resorts will require a referral from a current member.

2. Do you have a dress code?

Find out about the golf resort’s dress code. Some will not allow members to play unless they are wearing the appropriate golf attire while some are laid back with dress code. The higher the fee, the more likely it is that there is a dress code. If you’d rather play golf in board shorts and a tank top, you’re better off finding a course that allows you to wear that.

3. Where am I allowed to drive the golf cart?

Each golf course will have its own rules for golf carts. Some resorts will impose a cart path only rule to golf cars so as to protect the grass. In any case, it’s always good to ask this so you know ahead which areas you are allowed to drive your cart.

4. Does it include free parking?

Parking can easily add up to the costs if you’re frequently visiting the golf club. It’s a plus if your golf resort already covers parking fees with your membership.

5. How much for catering services? Am I allowed to bring outside food?

If you’re on the budget and you’d rather bring your own meal than to pay for resort food, ask this question. Some resorts are happy to allow their guests to bring their own food and not charge a corkage fee.

6. Am I still allowed to play if I am late for my tee time?

Golf resorts often hold their own tournaments. If Murray Downs is in your prospect list, you can view upcoming tournaments at Murray Downs website.

If you plan to regularly play at tournaments, it helps to know what the tee time rules are. Tee time refers to regular intervals, typically 7-10 minutes, which allows golfers to be organized. If you miss your tee time, will the golf resort accommodate it?

Let’s say your tee time is 9 a.m. and you arrive 9:30, your golf resort might try to fit you in or you will have to wait for another spot to open up.

7. Do you offer discounts?

This question is best reserved when you’ve already built rapport with the attendant at the resort. They might tell you about a website discount, a coupon, or a special deal. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Remember that you aren’t asking for a discount, you’re only asking if there’s any available.

In Conclusion

When asking these questions, pay attention not only to the answers but also to how the attendant is answering it. Do they answer confidently or are they hesitant to answer some of the questions and use a lot of fillers? The latter can often mean they are searching for answers you want to hear or are afraid to entertain sore subjects.

Any other questions to add that help you judge a golf resort you’ve never been to before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.