Excellent Places in Burgundy That You Should Visit

One of the best places to visit while on holidays to France is Burgundy. Burgundy is very near to the capital and can be accessed by just an hour and forty minutes’ train ride from Paris. The region sits right in between Lyon and Paris, and so if you are going to spend a holiday going back and forth between these two then you should think about stopping by in Burgundy.

There are many sights that you could sample while in Burgundy, and these include the following attractions that are famous amongst holidaymakers and vacation goers in France. These should justify your search for cheap hotels in Burgundy France.

Les Hospices de Beaune

Les Hospices de Beaune is a surviving example of medieval European architecture. If you know a bit of French, then you will recognize the word “Hospices” as correspondent to the word “hospital.” That is what this ancient structure used to be back in its day. It served as a hospital to the residents of nearby Beaune up until the 20th century. After it has outlived itself, the hospital was turned into an art museum. The museum exhibits rare examples of medieval art, ones that you should check out even if you are not an art aficionado because they give a rare look at how art was done back during the Middle Ages.

Vineyards of Burgundy

Burgundy is known for its wine; in fact, it produces some of the finest wines in France or even the world. We all know that wine cannot come about without grapes; hence there is an abundance of vineyards where the grapes are grown in preparation for being converted into wine. You could visit these vineyards in Beaune, and even sample the fine wine that Burgundy is known for as part of the tour package. You could easily arrange for private wine testing tours while in the region. Remember that Burgundy wines are some of the most expensive wines in the world, so a private testing is something that you should look forward to.

The Fontenay Abbey

Yet another ancient structure still surviving to this day in France, the Fontenay Abbey was established in the 12th century. The monastery was first headed by St. Bernard of Clairvaux when it was completed in 1118. This abbey is noted for being the oldest monastery administered by the Cistercian order, and for being an excellent example of Cistercian fundamentals in monastery construction. It remains in excellent condition up to this day, with nearly all of its areas intact and surviving the two World Wars. Today, it is a World Heritage Site sponsored by UNESCO in 1981.

There are many other attractions that you could enjoy when you stay in one of the regions in Burgundy, France. You can find out more about the best hotels in Burgundy France by browsing through the information that we are hosting here in HotelsinBurgundy.com.