On Being a Supercalifragilistic Nanny

Being an au pair or nanny is one of the go-to jobs for women (and even some men) who would want to earn money while at the same time learning a new language and culture abroad. For as long as you are at least eighteen years old and are capable of doing household chores and taking care of children, then you can apply to be a nanny anywhere… of course, as easy as it may sound, you may not be able to have a decent-paying job as an au pair or nanny if you are not equipped with the right skills and knowledge to be one. Therefore, it is important to take seminars or training in order to learn the know-how’s in being a good nanny or au pair ready fit to work abroad.

Naturally, anyone who would want to learn the basics on being a good nanny would find tips and how-to’s online—and this is actually a good start, especially for beginners. There are a lot of online websites that offer handbooks and PDF files on how to properly care for a household and children. There are also sites like YouTube that offers great tips and ways on how to manage other families’ homes and build a healthy relationship between the family members and you as a nanny.

Aside from online training and help, there are a number of agencies which offer training and seminars for those who would want to work as an au pair or nanny abroad. These seminars and training sessions come with a fee, but being able to accomplish the training and start your job abroad would prove that it is all worth it. There also are agencies in many parts of the world that will provide training for potential au pairs or nannies, while also offering job opportunities in its partner-agencies in countries such as Austria, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Lastly, if you are not able to find an agency yet and are not fully satisfied with the training tips online, you can always search for seminars that are being offered in your place—what is important is you have the commitment and willingness to have the job and find ways to actually get the job. Being an au pair or nanny would be a worthwhile experience, after all, and one that you would not want to miss if you want to have the chance to go and study while working abroad.